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How We Manage For You

RCG Realty currently manages portfolios, buildings and leases throughout New Zealand with an estimated capital value in excess of $300m.

Our approach to property care and management is simple: we aspire to maximise your returns on your investments through every action we take. Getting that right begins with understanding your business, brand and goals.

We have specialist expertise in managing multi-site and multi-tenant portfolios. The commercial and light industrial sites we manage range from retail outlets, offices and call centres to major distribution centres.
We diligently manage the property on your behalf, keeping you consistently updated, while keeping you at an arm’s length to the process.


Our Services

  • Tenant and contractor account management
  • Budget and business advice (around the maintenance, leasing and performance of the building
  • Invoicing of all tenants for all rentals due and owing
  • Tenant register maintenance
  • Record maintenance for all leases and financial records
  • Regular property inspections
  • Building compliance monitoring
  • Building and common area maintenance
  • 24/7 contact number for after-hours emergency calls for tenants and clients
  • Monthly or quarterly reports covering repairs and maintenance, leasing particulars and financial information
  • Completed by us to landlord and legal advisors’ specifications

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