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From residential land lots and subdivisions, to commercial and industrial properties such as office and retail spaces, warehousing, yards, and mixed use developments, we have the team, relationships, and skills, to get you the price and result you’re looking for. We also have the extra benefit of having great inter-agency relationships, where we work together with other agents to achieve the best possible outcome for your property. RCG Realty sell property across all disciplines of the industry, from small scale and price, to large-scale multi-million-dollar, land and development projects.

We work together with you and create the plan to sell your property, with a variety of different options: from a clear ‘Set Price’ for those who are definite about what they’re looking for, to Sale by Tender for sellers who prefer to let the market decide the value – we negotiate with buyers to get you the absolute best price and terms. Our extensive national and international contacts mean we can often introduce buyers who would not otherwise be aware of your property and who could be specifically looking for what’s on offer.


Methods Of Sale

Set Price

Set price means you set your desired price and then ask conditional and unconditional buyers to put forward offers on that basis. The benefit of selling this way is you set a clear guideline of your price expectations, which attracts buyers who are committed to responding to the price you have set.

By Negotiation

When a property is being sold by negotiation, sellers are invited to make an offer on the property. The advantage of this method of selling is that you can check the market’s willingness to set a price for your property.

Private Treaty

In a Private Treaty Sale process, your property is listed on the market with a set end date.  Buyers can make an offer on your property up to, and on that date.  Private treaty is a great way of selling if you want to let the market put forward offers where they see the value, and be able to negotiate throughout the process, up to the set end date.


The Sale By Tender process is the most confidential way of selling. Similar to a Private Treaty, the property is sold with a set end date, however offers are submitted confidentially, and not viewed until the set end date, where they are all opened together by the Vendor. This is the fairest way of dealing with many offers, and giving everyone the same time frame to finalise their terms.

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